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What we do!

Vesta Terminal is a state of the art terminal for the storage of mineral oil products and chemicals at our storage terminals. We are a subsidiary of the international, publicly traded company. Since 2012, we have put our name firmly on the map of the Russian port with a compact and flexible team. We are a niche player, but one that belongs to the established order. We cherish the advantages of our relatively small size every day: flexibility and openness, direct communication with customers and stakeholders.

We aim to provide our customers with the safest, most reliable and efficient tank storage systems. Together with our highly knowledgeable personnel, we ensure that there is no such thing as a dangerous product – at least not when under our care. We are an oil terminal operations company aiming to renew, develop and increase efficiencies on investments in the mid stream market. Our tools consist of comprehensive knowledge of the industry and a wide international contact network. We've developed a business model that contributes to the storage owner's profits and to the ability of traders to quickly find the best fuel storage solution. The Vesta Terminal activities are (among others) place in the industry: Petroleum product storage, fuel tank storage operator, shipping agents, shippers and other freight brokers. This sector is the main category "Shipping and storage" and in this case further subdivided in: "Storage and support activities for shipping," subcategory "transport services".

Connections for barges, ships, trains and trucks. Flexible operating hours and fast loading and unloading times. On-site customs agents, document processing, and laboratories. All our sites are set up to make loading, unloading, and storing your product a quick and hassle-free process. Our storage facilities are aimed at meeting our customers' exact needs. A wide range of tank sizes allows you to select the ideal fit and keep costs low. Heated tanks, refigeration and storage under nitrogen ensure the quality and preservation of delicate goods. We believe in long-term partnerships and are more than willing to invest in extra facilities or infrastructure on-site, should you require any customized solutions. We are proud to be considered one of the most reliable and affordable logistics and storage of oil and gas service providers in terms of oil and gas main ports terminals in Rotterdam and Houston. As a logistics providers, we must succeed in a number of logistics services, which includes court rental services, oil tank terminal services, marine services, as well as other support services. Our experience in all areas in which we operate, and the range of services that we provide, which makes us one of the most comprehensive providers of oil storage services in the oil and gas industry. And, with the help of continuous support and trust of our customers, we strive to stay on top of the storage of oil and business gas, and our modern system precisely to provide the best fuel oil storage process, state of the art logistics tools and equipment, the most modern media, personalized service and commitment to maintain a low cost to end customers, helping to provide logistics solutions that are well matched to the requirements of our customers. we will keep conducting world-class service for every client.

In addition to our values, innovation is at the core of our culture resulting in us continually meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers by providing inherently safe and creative solutions. Vesta terminal and production sites are true one-stop shops that simplify your supply chain and optimize your total costs. We keep a close relationship with our customers to make sure we meet their every need. From custom built solutions on-site to document processing and labelling. Our flexible company culture allows us to quickly respond to any requests and put our customers needs first.