Company Values

History & Values

Vesta Terminal is a state of the art terminal for the storage of mineral oil products and chemicals at our storage terminals. Since 2012, we have put our name firmly on the map of the Rotterdam port area with a compact and flexible team. We are a niche player, but one that belongs to the established order. We cherish the advantages of our relatively small size every day: flexibility and openness, direct communication with customers and stakeholders.


Vesta Terminal Key points:

  • Independent provider of tank storage
  • Provider for chemical, mineral and transshipment operations
  • Zero-emission terminals
  • Ample jetty availability
  • All modes of transportation – vessel, train, truck and pipeline


Our Vision

Your need for flexibility and customised solutions continues to grow. Our terminal and our people are fully equipped to that end and respond adequately to your changing needs. The arrival of Vesta Terminal strengthens our position in all our port terminals and makes us more capable of meeting your needs. Naturally, we always do so in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.


Our Mission

Our mission can be summed up in one sentence: building a successful future together with you. How? By staying flexible and always putting your desires and expectations first.


Our core values

  • We work safely - because of our state of the art equipment, our terminal is the benchmark in the business. For example, each tank has its own fire extinguishing system. We constantly pay attention to safety.
  • We are flexible - our limited size allows us to switch gears quickly and respond to your needs effectively.
  • We will give you 100% attention - the flexible options of our terminal are proof that we have your desires in our sights. We listen and help you find solutions with our creativity.
  • We are honest and open - both internally and externally, we tell it like it is. What we say, is what you get!