Fuel Oil Storage

Vesta fuel oil storage Terminal offers a reliable, first class service for oil storage and a high level of expertise in sourcing, logistics, hedging and product knowledge. If you are in a partnership with Vesta Terminal regarding cargo supply you will benefit from our high level of flexibility and expertise. Each supply is performed with a high level of expertise regarding product quality and operation, flexible finance opportunities, optimized and highest shipping and logistic standards. Furthermore, we offer an exceptional service within hedging of oil price exposure. Our team has many years of experience in cargo supply and related services for clients in market segments like navy fleets, bunker suppliers, power plants, ship owners, ferry operators, inland retailers, heavy industry, aviation and road construction.


Customized Logistics

Vesta Terminal offers customized solutions for logistics supported by a first-class fleet counting more than 45 vessels in our group-owned company. This ensures reliable and flexible operation with an independent position in comparison with the general cargo market.


Physical Storage.

Vesta Terminal operates more than 850.000 CUM of physical storage placed in Russia, Rotterdam and in Houston containing fuel oil, gasoil and other distillates. The storage capacity provides us with a unique possibility to secure sourcing for fast and reliable supplies to your advantage. In addition, we operate storage on behalf of clients in a full service concept, including expertise in sourcing, product quality, exposure handling, finance and credit solutions.


Product Expertise.

Vesta Terminal also offers cargo supply in sizes of 1.000 – 500.000 MT. The cargoes are typically sold basis delivery to the clients' own shore tanks or can be delivered ex installation. Our product expertise is especially focussed on fuel oil, auto diesel, heating oil, gasoil, marine gasoil (MGO), marine gasoil (DMA), F75, F76, JET-A1, F35 Jet, F54, F44, RMD-80 and bitumen. Fuel oil covers several products such as high sulphur and low sulphur fuel oils as well as grades from IFO30, IFO60, IFO80, IFO120, IFO180, IFO380 and straight run fuel oil.

Please contact us for flexible and reliable bunkering by truck, ex pipe and by barge: